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Full service website design.

Not only do we design and build beautiful websites, we also maintain them, and create digital media too.

Need more digital marketing services? Our logo designs are tailored to your business, and we write content for social media and news. We will get your company noticed online.

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Create a New Website

Looking to build a new website? Let's do it! First we need to gather all the details, and then we will provide you with a free quote.


Website Maintenance

So you've got a WordPress website, but don't know how to keep it working with all the plugin updates and constant changes to the internet?

Content Generation

News posts and announcements getting overlooked? It is very important to get that content out there for SEO and general brand recognition.

Logo Design

How do you want to visually show your company brand name? The logo is one of the first things that your customers see, and it needs to convey the right image.


Not only do we design and build beautiful websites at Blue Tiger Studio, we also maintain them.

Click on the screenshots below to view live websites we've worked on lately.

SNAP Financial Access Website
Whatcom Humane Society Website designed by Blue Tiger Studio
Moonstruck Photography
simple sustenance health logo and webpage

Want to schedule a live meeting?

If you need instruction on using your website, want help building your automated email list system, need a live meeting to design a logo or graphic, or any general consulting on digital marketing and communications technology, we can help!

Blue Tiger staff (usually Liorah) can provide one-on-one live tutorials and informational meetings at an hourly rate. Just click the Schedule button to select your preferred date and time, then we will meet on Zoom or over the phone for real-time digital solutions, instruction and advice.

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Health Coaching Anyone?

Sometimes I just lack the self-discipline to get my cardio in, or take the time to make myself a healthy meal? If this sounds familiar, you should meet one of my newest website clients – Janiece at Simple Sustenance Health.

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It’s good to be busy, but not rushed through a valuable interaction with YOU!