We are so excited to have moved into a fabulous new space!? It is funny how things start, just when we thought that it was time to close the doors after our last project didn’t work out, a new door opened up. It wasn’t exactly how we would have planned things, but lets face it, you can’t plan everything.

There is was, a lovely space with a view, just waiting for us to move in.

Now we are sharing Blue Tiger Studio with some other creative co-workers. Sarah Edwards, of Sarah Smiles Creations has brought her talents and inspiring nature art prints to grace the studio, along with beautiful turquoise-painted walls. Also several of us are collaborating on a new clothing venture here, to be announced this Fall.

There is still more room to grow and more room to share! We posted an ad on Craigslist for people interested in sharing this work space. If you or someone you know is a telecommuter or works from home and wants to get out of the house and work with other people in a cool inspiring atmosphere, this is the right place. Please inquire about it and see photos posted here.