Sweet Crunchies

Health Coaching is a great way to stay on track, and its not just for movie stars anymore.

One of the most difficult things to manage when you have a desk job is health. Even though I have been active my whole life, these days it is far too easy to find myself sitting in front of the computer screen hardly moving for hours, and snacking on something sweet and crunchy.

Those snacks really seem to help when I get stuck in a tough website problem. But they don’t help my figure.

Sometimes I just lack the self-discipline to get my cardio in, or take the time to make myself a healthy meal. I don’t have someone sending me to work with a pre-made lunch. That’s usually what I do for the rest of my family! If this sounds familiar, you should meet one of my newest website clients – Janiece at Simple Sustenance Health.

A health coach to the rescue!

Janiece is a health coach who works with clients to improve their diet and lifestyle balance. She is there when your self-discipline is not. Janiece specializes in creating custom diet plans based on a primal ancestry approach. Her clients get resources for nutrition and help making lifestyle modifications.

She is a lovely, vibrant person and I know she will inspire many people to improve their health. Check out the new website and logo I designed for her to learn more!

simple sustenance health logo and webpage

How is this different from Paleo or Vegan diets?

Now I’ve been around long enough to have a pretty good understanding of nutrition. I have experienced most of the fad diets first-hand. Yep, I was vegan for a couple years in my 20’s. I had a vegetarian upbringing (except for seafood – in Alaska no one passes up king salmon). Also, I did the no sugar/no carb diet for a couple years in my early 30’s (it was called the Adkins diet before, but now it is called Paleo). One thing I learned from all those diets is that if you remove any major food group, you will lose weight.

Eventually I didn’t want those restrictions anymore. It was hard to eat out, difficult at family events, and frankly, to be successful I had to “hate” those foods that were not allowed in my diet! That also made others around me into “eaters of gross foods.” I didn’t like that feeling or how it made others feel. Also after losing so much weight and not being able to eat the foods I craved, I felt like I wanted to kill something and eat it.

Today, thankfully, I have let all of that go. I may not be 105 pounds anymore, but 120 isn’t bad on me either. Planning meals for the family each week, and going to Trader Joe’s to buy food, helps keep my meal prep faster and still healthy. I may not like to eat as much red meat as my husband or daughter, so I mix in ground turkey with the hamburger as a compromise, or just make myself a fish burger instead.

1:1 Coaching Plans

I can see how Janiece’s 1:1 8-week health coaching plans would be beneficial to lots of people. It is all done online and over the phone, so you can work with her from anywhere.

1-1coaching product

If you aren’t able to afford custom health coaching right now, you can still sign-up for her newsletter for inspiration and information (there are signup forms on her website). Check out other websites designed by Blue Tiger Studio on my Recent Work page.

I have a great free recommendation too

Try exercise videos on YouTube to fit in short, but effective workouts. I highly recommend the following channels: Mad Fit and Holly Dolke

I just linked to some specific workouts, but if you check their channels there are lots more to choose from. (In fact, as soon as I’m done writing this post, I’m going to do these workouts. Time to work off those sweet crunchies! 🙂

At the end of the day, our health is the most important thing. And as we are all wondering if the Corona virus will get us, (yikes!) remember that having a healthy immune system will help. If we do catch the sticky virus, being healthy will help our bodies fight it off most efficiently. Our immune systems are strongest when we have a healthy gut, are getting adequate exercise, sleep enough, and keep stress at a minimum.

Here’s to your health!