The Legacy of José Sarria

The newly rebuilt José Sarria Foundation website is up and running! For this project, Blue Tiger Studio updated an existing website with a new custom WordPress website. Blue Tiger Studio wanted to make it easily accessible and user friendly. The rebuild included an online option for users to make donations making it super easy to support the GLBT community.

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Blue Tiger Studio helped problem-solve to get this website updated and running smoothly. The Foundation previously had a website, but they wanted to re-design their existing website into a more elegant and streamlined look, with more accessible information. Additionally, the website needed to be easy to update by the Foundation, rather than having to call the webmaster for assistance.

  • We re-built the website using WordPress and used Divi as our main builder to make a design that appealed to their audience that was also editable by the Foundation’s web editor.
  • They also wanted a simple donation system that integrated on the site. We connected WooCommerce with a variable donation amount option for the online donation page.
  • The Foundation wanted to include some additional features for users to see all the locations of the Imperial Court Systems around the Americas. We built a geographical  map, with pinpoints to illustrate the different court locations around the country.
  • To show the many archival photos with captions, as well as more recent images, we built a custom gallery page.



NAMI Spokane Website – National Alliance on Mental Illness

NAMI is a nationwide organization that has a branch in Spokane, WA. They needed a website that was very user-friendly and easy to navigate. They had a small staff who would need to be able to post blogs and update content themselves. Blue Tiger was hired to rebuild their website and make sure the site had a supportive and uplifting feel. Check out the NAMI Spokane website and see how it turned out!

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Greg Johnson Logging Gets an Online Video to Describe His Business

Greg Johnson has worked in the logging industry for the last 30 years. He primarily works with private land owners and the forestry service, but logging is often misunderstood. He wanted to find a way to describe what his business does and how logging really works.  It is not all about clear cutting trees like some of us might think. In fact, I came to learn, that clear cutting rarely happens anymore. Greg described a root rot that sometimes gets into a stand of trees and threatens to infect more of the forest. In that situation, clear cutting might be the only way to stop the disease from spreading. But the majority of his work was really focused on preserving the health of the forest ecosystem, protecting us from fires, and helping landowners harvest and sell mature lumber from their property.

To explain the logging business, Liorah recommended filming a short video and putting it up on a website for Greg’s customers to watch online.

Liorah brought in a talented Spokane videographer, Lavon West, and they made the 26 mile trip to a logging site. It was an amazing place, at the edge of a huge forest, with plenty of trees around us. There were several neatly stacked log piles, and huge equipment to harvest, trim, move and stack the trees. The smell of the trees was intoxicating.  It was beautiful, and there were plenty of trees still standing around us. With the use of a drone and video equipment, we were able to capture the logging process on film and incorporate the daily operations of the business beautifully. Additional time and effort went into filming a short interview with Greg to narrate the scenes.

Take a look at the video!

While the footage was being edited, Liorah built a one-page website to house the new “What we do” video. The site opens with Greg’s slogan: “The worst day in the woods is still better than a day working anywhere else.” After experiencing a day with his crew in the woods at his logging site, I could understand this sentiment. https://gregjohnsonlogging.com.

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The worst day in the woods is still better than a day working anywhere else.