About Us

The Blue Tiger is searching for HAPPINESS!

It makes us feel good to help others succeed.


A Digital Boost

We help facilitate the digital connection with your customers by getting your website out there for people to find.

Problem Solvers

There is ALWAYS a solution to every problem, we enjoy solving the toughest of them.

Customer Support

The best part about being a small company is that we have time for each one of our customers. We are here for YOU!

Our Story

Let me tell you a little more about us. Blue Tiger Studio is a woman-owned web creation and graphic design company in Spokane, Washington. We specialize in website design, development and maintenance, and offer graphic design, brand consulting and social content writing services too. But our work goes beyond the stuff that’s displayed online and printed on paper. We look at your business as a whole, and design solutions to help you achieve your goals. We give your campaigns teeth.

Liorah Wichser

Liorah Wichser

Principal & Designer

Liorah started Blue Tiger Studio in 2014, building websites, creating graphics and planning online user-experience solutions to help her clients thrive. She combines her creativity and graphic design degree with years of communications experience to build market demand. Her skill set is divergent, with the ability to design, write, and build entire websites solo. But she brings in other contractors to collaborate on larger projects.


Blue Tiger Studio has partnered with both businesses and non-profits, even other advertising agencies. We enjoy being a part of their success through our work on their websites, branding or advertising campaigns. We support our local businesses and go the extra mile by giving them good feedback and referrals whenever possible. We build a stronger network by working together.

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