About the Project

Many start-up companies look for affordable spaces to do business. But lack the funds, or don’t want to take on the risk of leasing a full office space for a year. While at the same time, existing building owners have extra space that doesn’t have a use.

A local entrepreneur saw this as an opportunity for a new business. He came to Blue Tiger Studio with a rough concept and we worked together to complete the name, brand, and website functionality to achieve his start-up business goals.

The new website was named contuli.com. The site was made to help connect people seeking a place with people who have space to share. The founder needed a website that allowed for “Space Holders” and “Place Seekers” to have unique roles and abilities using the site.

The terminology for the two main users of the website was chosen, “Space Holders” and “Place Seekers,” along with a sleek logo design with several color options for deliverables.

Liorah found an interesting Burmese symbol for workspace “ko” that she changed slightly and for the main logo icon.

Contuli icon workspace symbol

The theme of outer space images was chosen to play on the words of Share “Space.”

As this new business grows, you might see their name in business windows labeled as “Contuli Share Space.”

Project Details

Website: contuli.com
Business: Business Directory
Location: Coeur d’Alene, ID