About the Project:

Greg Johnson Logging Gets an Online Presence!

Greg Johnson has been in the logging industry for over 30 years. But his customers had a difficult time understanding what his logging business actually does. Greg thought that filming a video would be helpful. Blue Tiger Studio was hired to put it all together in a way that would be easy for customers to find and watch online. Liorah meet with Greg Johnson to understand the details of his business. She recommended filming a short video and putting it up on a one-page website as a way to tell future customers what his business does.

“I recommend putting a short video on the landing page/home page of your website to make sure your site visitors stay longer than 9 seconds,” says Liorah, owner of Blue Tiger Studio.

Liorah brought in a talented Spokane videographer, Lavon West. We planned some shots and wrote a script to capture the essence of the logging business to be used on the website. Then they made the 26 mile trip to the logging site to document the logging process.

It was an amazing forested site, and the smell of the trees was intoxicating. Also it wasn’t what we expected – there was no clear cutting, the forest stood, tall and beautiful around us. A group of men were using their high-tech logging equipment to harvest specific trees near a family home to protect it from fire danger. When we arrived, there were long trucks from the mill coming to pickup loads of precisely-cut lumber from the site.

With the use of a drone and video equipment, we were able to capture the logging process and incorporate the daily operations of the business into a short video. Additional time was spent filming an on-location interview with Greg to narrate the scenes.

After editing the video, we published it to our YouTube page and then embedded it into Greg’s new website. Videos go a long way with telling a story. They also capture website visitor’s attention on a website.

The Website Details

The video took up most of the project budget, but a website was still an important vehicle to bring the video online to Greg’s customers. So we made it into a one-page site with room to grow over time. We made sure to design the site with built in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to help get more exposure for Greg Johnson Logging online at See some screenshots below.

The landing page features Greg’s slogan, “The worst day in the woods is still better than a day working anywhere else.” And after experiencing a day with his crew in the woods at his logging site, we could understand this sentiment.

This video and website project was funded by the Small Business Association | Technical Assistance (SBA-TA) Program from SNAP Financial Access.

The worst day in the woods is still better than a day working anywhere else.

Project Details

Business: Logging Company
Location: Deer Park, WA

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