About the Project

Linda Buckley is not only an amazing Alaskan author, but the ultimate renaissance woman. She is the author of The Bear in the Blueberry, a children’s book inspired by the zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. Based on the interconnectedness of everything in nature, this book educates our children about environmentalism and connection, all through a quintessentially Alaskan perspective. Linda is also a writer, singer, and poet. 

Many Alaskans would agree that growing up in Alaska molds you into a natural born traveler. For Linda, this was most definitely the case. This is simply because it’s required to take a boat or plane to get anywhere! Her extensive travels ignited Linda’s interest in Buddhism and her lifelong attraction to the diverse cultures of the world. With her guitar in hand, Linda traveled the world writing music and performing. Even through all her travels, Linda has always stayed connected to Alaska. Southeast Alaska is famous for it’s blueberries and vast expanses of nature. Fun fact: There’s only half a person for every square mile! With such a gorgeous terrain, Alaska made the perfect place to set the scene for The Bear in the Blueberry.

Project Details

Website: https://lindabuckleyalaska.com/
Business: Author, Singer, Poet
Location: Juneau, Alaska


Since Linda recently published The Bear in the Blueberry, she wanted to use the website as a way to sell her book. She is also constantly working on new publications, so we wanted it to be easy to update everything in one place. This website started out as a place to sell, but quickly turned into a record of her life.

Linda writes memoirs from her world travels and wanted a place to blog. Her blog posts are followed by fans and friends alike throughout the world who wish to keep in touch. Blue Tiger Studio set up the connection so Linda could post on her blog via email. A special email address is generated and then Linda was able to post to her blog via this platform. It’s a very simple setup and great for the less technologically savvy.

Blue Tiger Studio also offers 1 year free maintenance to all sites we build to ensure that every site is off to a successful start.

Along with the help of the client, Blue Tiger Studio created Linda Buckley’s musical logo. She wanted her logo to be flowing and to incorporate the colors of the glaciers. As Linda is a singer and music lover, she wanted to incorporate musical notes into the logo as well. To add a spark of Linda’s personality, Blue Tiger Studio also decided to add Linda’s Haiku’s in the header portion of the Poetry section. These Haiku’s rotate and new ones can be easily added.

As I’m sure you can guess, Linda Buckley always has something new and interesting going on. Please visit her site to see what she’s up to now! https://lindabuckleyalaska.com/