About the Project

Rockwood Consulting was a new business that needed a logo and online presence.

A family business consultant, Charlotte Lamp, PhD, founded Rockwood Consulting, LLC a couple years ago in Spokane, WA. Charlotte came from a logging family in the Pacific Northwest. With the history of working with trees, Charlotte had adopted a very sustainable outlook on forestry, and applied it to the core competencies in her own consulting practice. She worked with Liorah at Blue Tiger Studio to develop a brand that conveyed the purpose and philosophy of her business.

The icon and deliverables called for the use of recycled paper, pine cones, wood, and healthy forests. We developed the slogan as well. “Strengthen the roots of your family business.”

Rockwood-logo-vertical-recycled ?horizontal-logo-website

There was a story behind the tree image in the logo. It was originally drawn by Charlotte’s brother. Liorah reworked it in Illustrator and saved it as a vector file. We also created a graphic using this tree to describe the Core Competencies of the consulting business:


In addition to its use on the website, Liorah designed business cards with this logo on them. They were printed on recycled paper. Of course!

Once the brand was designed, we built a new website for Rockwood Consulting, LLC. It includes custom designed images for insights and news posts, integration with social media channels, and general information for family businesses.



Project Details

Website: Rockwood Consulting, LLC?
Business: Business Consultant
Location: Spokane, WA