About the Project

SNAP Financial Access, a subsidiary of SNAP, is an organization that focuses on boosting the local economy here in Spokane, WA. They support small businesses and residents through coaching, education, and loan programs. The financial stability team at SNAP Financial Access is there to help entrepreneurs, small business owners, and local residents. They focus on learning essential skills, strengthening businesses, creating employment, and helping in the creation of new home ownership.

It was important to set SNAP Financial Access apart from the rest of SNAP’s services. They needed their own website to access the great services they provide. Previously, it was hard for customers to find relevant information. Now clients can easily find information on business loans, training classes through the Women’s Business Center, and can connect with business counselors. We wanted to make sure these three aspects of SNAP Financial Access were highlighted and that the website was easy to navigate. We made sure to include a business directory that was easy for SNAP staff to update and access. The business directory gives small businesses the hard-earned local recognition they deserve.

Improved Usability for SNAP Financial Access

This website was designed to guide people through processes efficiently without missing any crucial steps. Blue Tiger Studio wanted to focus on making this website simple and streamlined. It’s crucial that forms be easy to find and even easier to fill out. If the user experience was difficult to follow, it would be hard for people to connect with resources and services that will help them.

Do you need your website to work for you with online forms like these? Check out some of the digital business solutions offered by Blue Tiger Studio.

The training section includes course and workshop descriptions, and an online calendar that shows upcoming classes in the sidebar. Behind the scenes it was equally important to connect the registration and payment gateway to the online learning platform. It had to be linked through Shopify to make those payments work.  When you click the register button, it opens a sidebar type cart whenever someone purchases a workshop or course.

Get Noticed

SNAP Financial Access is providing classes on COVID19 business practices, something we also wanted to highlight so struggling businesses can get the help they need.

You can also take a live Digital Marketing Course from the SNAP Financial Access training program with Liorah at Blue Tiger Studio! This is a 3-part series that helps teach small businesses how to harness the power of digital communications to market their products and services online and help their business grow.


With each new website design (or redesign) Blue Tiger Studio provides a year of free website maintenance. There are a lot of moving parts connected in a site like SNAP Financial Access. Plugins and themes need to be kept up-to-date to work properly. We dont just build it and leave it, we make sure to take care of our client’s website so that it continues to function at its best. Blue Tiger Studio also provided virtual training for all SNAP Financial Access staff members so they can easily update the calendar and news on the website.

Branding Consistency with SNAP

SNAP is already a well-known and successful organization, so we followed their style guide for this subsidiary to make sure everything stayed on brand. We created unique and consistent button styles with the branded colors and fonts.

Blue Tiger took the time to create a custom calendar to highlight the many training classes available. We also made custom accordion forms so the user doesn’t have to open a new page to fill out the form. This allows for easy and clear engagement without losing people who dont have time to wait for a new page to load.

It was important that the website show real-life examples of ways in which SNAP Financial Access has helped local residents. That’s why we added the Success Story blog feed on the home page. Blue Tiger was able to source photos and use Photoshop to create engaging graphics for a unique and individualized experience while browsing.

Remember, SNAP Financial Access is for everyone, so please check out their website and see how they can help you and your small business at https://snapfinancialaccess.org/.

Project Details

Website: snapfinancialaccess.org
Business: Financial Services
Location: Spokane, WA

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