About the Project

The new Tasty Bun website is up and running! Blue Tiger Studio wanted to make sure it was super easy to use for online orders to ensure Tasty Bun was getting all the online traffic possible, especially now when many restaurants are mainly operating in a to-go capacity.

Blue Tiger Studio helped problem solve to get this new website up and running ASAP. Tasty Bun previously had a website, but they wanted to switch over to a platform that was easier for online sales. Things to consider were not only which platform to use, but also a POS system that integrated with the online ordering system on the site. Additionally, the website needed to be easy to update by the staff at the restaurant, rather than having to call the web master for any new products or pricing updates.

Jeff at Tasty Bun was considering purchasing a new Point of Sale (POS) system from Lavu, so we looked at integrating that POS system with a WordPress website. Blue Tiger Studio generally prefers to design in WordPress, our website builder of choice. But after doing research on compatibility, cost, user interface, accessibility, and delivery options — a new contender came to the top. We decided to go with Squareup, who has partnered with Weebly to create an intutive website builder that integrates directly with Square’s POS system. This option had great bang for the buck and made it possible for Tasty Bun to update their own products easily online. They also provide an easy connection to Instagram, as well as a great Postmates package deal. This checked all the boxes — good money saver for the client, quick to setup, client can edit, and easy to put into action right away. Their sales have already increased!

Behind the Buns

The Tasty Bun logo was inspired by Western Washington tribal art and created by the owner and his close friend. This fun logo was brought to fruition before emoji’s were popular and although now many would compare it to an emoji, it was not inspired by modern digital art. The owner of Tasty Bun is a chef with a great sense of humor and a flare for interesting recipes. He created all the recipes himself and is known locally for his signature honey sesame salad dressing used on their delicious chicken salad. Of course, steamed buns are the signature item found at Tasty Bun. Some of the flavors that can be found include Sloppy Joe Bun, Swedish Meatball Bun, Breakfast Bun, and the classic Pork Bun. You can also find some great deals, like a 12-pack of steamed buns to-go. This is a mixture of your favorite steamed Tasty Buns! They just take 45 seconds to reheat. This is an easy and delicious dinner option for the whole family. Or stash them in your fridge or freezer for an easy and fast meal. This is an awesome deal as you basically get 2 buns for free!

Check out the Tasty Bun website and try them for yourself: https://www.tastybun.com/

Project Details

Website: https://www.tastybun.com/ 
Business: Tasty Bun
Location: Spokane, WA

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