Somehow it just seems fitting to build a website for a construction company.

A website re-build was precisely what we did for Walker Construction. They are a well-known local builder of schools, multi-family housing, government buildings, urban renovations, retail spaces and so much more. Walker has become a pillar for the City of Spokane. They built the Fountain at Riverfront Park, the Looff Carousel, the Fox Theater, Gonzaga Law building… their portfolio is impressive to say the least, and it goes on and on.  We were so stoked to be working for them!

Walker portfolio snapshot

Their portfolio was like an immense sky scraper.

The entire portfolio needed to be re-built. It consisted of over 200 pages of projects. Each one had photos that needed to be resized and rendered for the web, text and links about the project to edit, and each project needed to be classified into the correct category to keep them organized. A large part of the website is the portfolio, which also has landing pages for each category.

We used a cool hover effect on each category landing page so when you mouse over the main image, it slowly zooms in, when you move your mouse away, it zooms back out. This effect adds some interesting movement that is subtle, yet creates a feeling of movement in the picture.

Nothing describes it better than video.

As things moved along, some changes happened to make the website even better. We put a beautiful video up on the homepage by Kris Faulkner of Edison Creative. It captures the sheer immensity of the construction work; tall machinery, large teams of construction workers, elevator shafts and concrete floors, with the backdrop in familiar local places.  Along those lines, we also added a video page to share other project videos that Kris had filmed but were hard to find on a YouTube page.

They needed a website that was easier for them to maintain in the future.

One of the main issues Walker Construction hired Blue Tiger Studio to fix was their previous website was very difficult to edit in-house. So we stepped up to re-create a similar look and style, but on a WordPress platform that would be easier for Walker’s staff to maintain in the future.

Interactive instruction included…

After the bulk of the website had been completed, Liorah trained Walker staff to work on their website. She built a portfolio page template for them to use on the website itself, and a photo re-sizer template in Illustrator to help make the image sizes match the other portfolio images.

Much of the training was done via Zoom, and we made sure that the “student” gets a chance to actually navigate the webpage themselves. Liorah prefers to do interactive training sessions to create mind-muscle memory so new users can take ownership of the site. On Zoom it works particularly well to share the user’s screen when they are trying out a new task they are learning. Liorah can guide them through the process in real-time, which helps student’s retain the lesson much better than simply watching instruction. As a followup, we also include a cheat-sheet with the steps required to do the work later, in case they need a reference.

Liorah Wichser

On Zoom, it works particularly well to share the user’s screen when they are trying out a new task. Liorah can guide them through the process in real-time, which helps each student retain the lesson much better than simply watching instruction.

Want live website instruction?

Do you need instruction on using your WordPress website? What about help building your automated email list system? Are you struggling with a logo or graphic? Trying to find solutions for digital marketing and communications technology? We can help!

Blue Tiger staff (usually Liorah) can provide one-on-one live tutorials and informational meetings at an hourly rate. Just click the Schedule button to select your preferred date and time, then we will meet live on Zoom or over the phone for real-time digital solutions, instruction and advice.

Walker Construction website re-build was completed at the end of 2020.

Unfortunately, we got held up by the shutdowns during 2020, and work on the Walker site was put on hold for several months. During that time, Liorah was quickly snapped up by SNAP Financial Access to re-build their website. She did a lot of consulting, instruction, and website work for small businesses who were impacted by Covid. More on that in another post…

But we were finally able to publish Walker’s new website by the end of 2020! Check it out at

We are hosting Walker’s website and gave it automatic PhP upgrades, and a secured domain (SSL) at no extra charge. Additionally, we provide their website maintenance to keep plugins and the WordPress CORE updated, plus an extra security boost to prevent hackers and spam.

Now we are working on an email marketing campaign for Walker. We are helping to promote their Affordable Multi-family Housing construction services to housing authorities around the state. We are all aware of the housing crisis in this area, and are lucky to have Walker Construction around to build more places for people to live.


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